(Video contains adult language)

Angelina leaves Jersey Shore. Again.
When Jersey Shore first premiered, it was Snooki who seemed prime to be the odd man out among the group, coming on a little too strong among her fellow "guidos and guidettes." As it turned out, getting punched in the face by a guy at a bar not only earned the then-new series a surge of attention, but also helped Snooki bond with her new friends, who were there to defend her and help her through the brutal ordeal. And in the end, Angelina turned out to be the one on the outskirts of the group, which led to her departure before the first season wrapped up.

When Angelina returned for Season 2, when the series moved down to Miami to enjoy the warmer weather - and allow the show to come back for "summer" faster than it would have if they were bound to Jersey climates - she seemed deliberately placed in the house as a means of inciting drama, which she did. Or her houseguests did. Were the issues her doing? Or did the house just gang up on her? Does anyone remember? Does it matter? It seems like there was so much editing in that show that we may never know the truth behind Angelina vs. the Jersey Shore house. Regardless, fights ensued, including the one in the video above (watch the edited version here), and Angelina, once again, took her ball and went home.

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