Susan Hawk leaves Survivor after telling Probst off.
Susan Hawk didn’t win either of the seasons of Survivor she appeared on, but she sure as hell left her mark on both. During the beloved reality show’s greatest episode, the Season 1 finale, she absolutely went off on Kelly, calling her a rat and casting the deciding vote for Richard. Years later, when she returned for all-stars, she quit in epic fashion thanks to an alleged sexual assault that viewers still argue over to this day.

Was Richard’s balls touching Sue’s leg gross? Yes. Was it a reason to quit the game? That answer depends on who you ask, but Sue would sure as hell say yes. When asked about the incident, she stepped forward and belligerently screamed at host Jeff Probst for a solid minute before getting in a boat and leaving the show for the final time. The whole thing may have been unexpected, but for a woman who always prided herself on shooting from the hip, it was a strangely fitting way for her career on Survivor to end.

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