Big Brother's Chima throws a tantrum… or a microphone.
Chima's "choice" to leave the Big Brother house was a bit more indirect. She was technically expelled after refusing to listen to Big Brother and eventually chucking her microphone pack in the jacuzzi. She did just enough to make them throw her out. The outburst earned her a swift exit through the backdoor with no chance to pack her things or say goodbye. She wasn't a part of the jury and didn't appear at the finale.

While we wouldn't excuse Chima's behavior, which was basically a slap in the face of the show, her alliance and in some ways, the fans, it wasn't difficult to understand why she was so angry. She spent the week prior as Head of Household, attempting to orchestrate the eviction of Russell, a fellow contestant she didn't get along with. And then, during the live episode, which would have seen Russell sent packing, Jeff used his secret Coup d'etat power to overthrow the nominations, putting Jessie and Natalie up, which resulted in Jessie's eviction. The only thing Chima got out of her week as HoH was safety and the fancy bedroom. The power she should have had was flushed down the toilet when Jeff took over, and the following week, she was nominated. So she was angry, and disappointed that her reign was upended and one of her own (kind of) alliance members was sent out the door. Her anger was justified. Her actions and attitude weren't, but the drama sure was jaw-dropping, and a rare example of what happens when houseguests don't abide Big Brother.

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