Kevin Smith’s next TV project looks like a real Faustian bargain. The famed writer/director of Clerks and Dogma will take on another project dealing with demons and the afterlife in the form of a comedic drama CW pilot called ‘Reaper.’

The show centers on a 21-year old slacker named Sam Oliver who learns his parents sold his soul to the devil at birth and he must now pay back the debt by becoming Lord Lucifer’s bounty hunter. His specific mission: track down souls escaped from hell and bring them back to the fiery pit. And I thought those collection agencies calling my house were ferocious.

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, both former ‘Law and Order: SVU’ scribes, are writing the project. According to ProductionWeekly, Smith will begin shooting the pilot on March 12 in Vancouver over a two week period.

No word yet on when ‘Reaper’ will premier on CW. However, it is monumentally exciting to see Smith working on a horror-esque project, as this may mean he is getting some practice in before shooting the “Kevin Smith Untitled Horror Project” as listed on for 2008.

For now, here is that famous Boardroom Scene from Dogma courtesy of YouTube:

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