Kim Cattrall is 50-ish and fabulous. She really is gorgeous, and it blows my mind that she is about the same age as my mom! Not only is she fabulous, but her career is on fire too! Fresh off opening weekend for SATC (which far exceeded all expectations), HBO announced today that Kim will be the star of a new comedic series for the cable giant.

Hollywood Reporter broke the story this morning with details about the show. Sensitive Skin is an adaptation of a popular British series, and centers around Cattrall’s character “a middle-aged wife and mother in New York who rediscovers her sexuality and begins to question her place in the world and the choices she has made in life.”

In my opinion, British television shows are brilliant, and our programming would be much more enjoyable if we adapted more of their programming. The Office is just about the best show on TV right now, and there has to be a goldmine of others just waiting to be looted! It’s too bad the powers that be couldn’t get Coupling right, because I love that show.

Back to Kim. As mentioned above, she is riding high from the SATC premiere, and an amazing role in My Boy Jack. As the mother in My Boy Jack, I almost thought Ms. Cattrall was ready to hang up the sex kitten act and transform to a matronly type. Thank goodness I was wrong! We women need more icons like Kim, who flaunt their gorgeous bodies, without allowing the number of years they’ve been on the earth to define them.

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