Well, I may not be a fan of Knight Rider but apparently there are enough of them out there to give NBC incentive to keep the series around for a full season. The network announced today that they’re ordering the back nine episodes of the “new” series, which is a remake of an ‘80’s series.

Knight Rider is averaging 7.4 million viewers overall and is the #1 regular series “in its competitive time period in all key adult-male demographics.” Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios said of the back-nine pickup, “Gary Scott Thompson and the great cast and crew of 'Knight Rider' continue to deliver fun, action packed adventures every week. Kitt and Michael will continue to travel across the country on their fun, escapist ride pursuing bad guys and saving the day.”

My response? Whatever. I stopped watching Knight Rider about halfway through the first episode and have no regrets about it. There was just nothing about the show that interested me. Then again, despite having been a fan of the original, I’d have zero interest in watching reruns of it if I were ever to stumble across the show. Some things are better off left in the past, I guess.

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