The people at MTV obviously needed a way to fill more of their timeslots with soapy teen-drama and bikini-clad adolescents. Rather than just putting episodes of ‘Laguna Beach’ on repeat, they decided to do a spin-off. ‘The Hills’ will star ‘Laguna’s’ own Lauren Conrad and will take place in the hills (gotta love MTV for keeping things simple).

As though life wasn’t hard enough being young and beautiful in Laguna Beach, LC’s life will turn upside down as she deals with the struggles of being young and beautiful in LA. Viewers will get to watch her as she gets a job as an intern for Teen Vogue, settles in to her swanky apartment and searches for friends, romance and of course, drama-drama-drama.

‘The Hills’ is sure to be as much of a hit as ‘Laguna Beach’ has been. MTV’s been successful with Reality TV since the early 90s. Shows like the ‘Real World’ and ‘Road Rules’ paved the way for what is now one of the most addicting forms of television today.

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