When I hear Lifetime Original Movie, I think sad, has-been actors and actresses who are starring in some pathetic true life story. Okay, that was mean, but I don’t watch Lifetime, because the connotation is that the only women who watch it are home alone with their cats.

However, Lifetime is apparently taking steps to change that image. Hollywood Reporter broke the story this morning that the latest addition to Lifetime’s library of movies is Proof, which happens to be starring some real stars. I mean stars who still work in regular movies. Seriously…

“Renee Zellweger is reteaming with her "Chicago" producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to executive produce "Living Proof," an original movie for Lifetime.

Toplining the movie is Harry Connick Jr., Zellweger's co-star in the upcoming feature "Chilled in Miami."

"Proof," from Sony Pictures TV, tells the true story of Denny Slamon (Connick), a UCLA doctor who developed the breast cancer drug Herceptin 2, and his relentless battle to keep the drug trials afloat and save the lives of thousands of women. It's based on a book by NBC medical correspondent Robert Bazell.”

I am not sure how Lifetime did it, but I’d say this is the right road to be on for them. I will tune in to this movie, just to see if it’s as cheesy as all of the others, or if they are finally stepping it up a notch.

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