Those of you still fuming over Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's father Joe's odd treatment of his daughters, brace yourselves: there's a new game in town when it comes to Worst Hollywood Parent Ever.

Dina Lohan, who this week was busted for lying about being a Rockette in the past, is reportedly planning a reality show on E!, tentatively titled 'Mom-ager.' Given that oldest daughter Lindsay has turned out so well, what with rehab stint #2 and countless suspicious car accidents, Dina has decided to give Lindsay's younger siblings the same opportunities. The show will focus on mom pushing careers for Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, who at least seem to have inherited some of that early-Lindsay spunk.

Dina has repeatedly denied Lindsay's problems in the past, telling Newsday (via Gawker) earlier this year "If Lindsay had a problem, she wouldn't be coming out with four movies in a year." And she's already been riding the coattails of fame, scoring a gig with ET as a correspondent on the red carpet for the 'Georgia Rule' premiere... just weeks before Lindsay checked into the Promises rehab center.

Honestly, even in a culture that's so exhausted by despicable celebrity behavior, this is shocking. Maybe the rest of us can brush off or ignore Lindsay's ridiculous behavior, but her own mom? Not to sound like a shrill conservative pundit or anything, but what on Earth is she thinking?

Slate's Kim Masters wrote a piece that pretty accurately summed up the horror-- now that Anna Nicole has passed on, cable television needs another star to self-destruct on the air. Those of us still clutching our Mean Girls DVDs still hold out hope for Lindsay, but as for her mom-- and maybe even the E! network-- the outlook is a little more grim.

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