MTV’s had a lot of success with reality shows over the last two decades. Many people have gained exposure and boosted fame from MTV’s popular reality shows, including Jessica Simpson, The Osbournes and Xzibit. The network has also benefited from exploiting the drama and eccentric lifestyles of the rich and semi-famous and there’s no end in sight.

It was recently reported that MTV has picked up eight episodes of the third season of ‘Run’s House’. The second season ended last week and production wont start for the third season until next month. The Viacom owned network has also been greenlighted for a fifth season and will run for 16 episodes.

‘Runs House’ follows the family life of RunDMC emcee, Rev Run (say that three times fast). In typical MTV-celeb-reality shows, we get to see a formerly well known semi-celeb try and juggle his career and his family. ‘Pimp My Ride’ is hosted by Xzibit and each episode, some lucky guy or girl gets their clunker of a car pimped out with sweet rims and lots of pricey custom features (playstations, space-ship doors, flatscreen tvs, etc).

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