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It seems Mexico has some specific rules about how their national symbols are used with regards to TV shows and due to that and the fine they could be made to pay, MTV Mexico has decided not to broadcast an episode of South Park that was scheduled to air.

According to Satellite TV Guru, MTV says they would need permission via a permit from the Mexican government to air the episode, which features the Mexican flag because of a law that states that use of the flag and other national symbols must be handled with respect. The fine for violating the law is 52,590 pesos, which is only $4,900.

Apparently, MTV didn’t get the permit request submitted in time for broadcast. The episode, which is titled “Pinewood Derby,” aired in the U.S. in 2009. It's surprising to me that the network wouldn't just pay the fine but they're not going that route nor would they alter the image of the flag in the episode in order to get by the law. Spokesperson for MTV Mexico Eric Zermeno said they decided not to do that “because the reaction would have been worse.” He’s probably right. Still, it seems likely that plenty of people in Mexico who love South Park are disappointed that an episode featuring their country won’t be airing.