Martha Stewart has been out of jail for what seems like ages now, and since then she has made her empire ever stronger. Her syndicated daytime show, The Martha Stewart Show, is about to hit yet another milestone – its 500th episode!

In honor of the previous 499 episodes, the 500th show will help viewers reminisce over the last three seasons with what amounts to a recap show. There will be clips featuring Martha’s favorite guests including Rosie O’Donnell, President Bill Clinton and Russell Crowe. I know why that last was a favorite, but I’m not sure about the other two…

Apparently to keep the show fully Martha-ish, they will be featuring a segment about some brand new sparkly Easter crafts.

I must admit that I adore Martha. I don’t care if she was in jail or that she clearly doesn’t come up with all of the stuff she does on the show. She is fabulous, plain and simple!

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