Martha Stewart has a treat for us on Monday. I guess the “us” implies that everyone reading this is a fan, and maybe you aren’t – but she’s got a treat for you anyway. Martha has decided to begin the fourth season of her aptly named The Martha Stewart Show, at her famous 153 acre farm, Cantitoe Corners. That’s kind of like your grandma telling you she’s got a treat for you, and then giving you a picture of herself, isn’t it.

The Associated Press announced the news today, just in time for the Monday premiere of the show.

“'So many people ask me, `What's the farm like? What do you grow? What animals do you have?'' she explained to a reporter. "I decided it would be fun to kick off the fourth season at the farm — fun for the crew, too."

Sounds like fun to me! I feel pretty sorry for the crew, though. Filming outdoors is great, but filming for the perfectionist-ic Ms. Stewart, on a farm full of bad smelling animals doesn’t sound like a great time. But, since this is Martha Stewart, you can only assume there are fresh bundles of odor killing herbs hanging in the stalls to diminish the odor. And, of course, she didn’t place them there – but she’ll take credit for them anyway.

On a funny note, this same article discusses the Martha-created show Whatever, Martha which is like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 based on Martha’s vast history in television. The show is “co-hosted by her daughter, Alexis, and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt.

On "Whatever, Martha!" those sassy chums screen clips from "Martha Stewart Living" and lodge wisecracks about what Stewart says, does and wears. Airing weekly, it premieres 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday on the Fine Living Network.

Tellingly, the series was created by its target. Stewart was inspired by the 1990s cult classic "Mystery Science Theater 3000," where cheesy movies were subjected to ridicule."

That’s what I love about Martha. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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