Tonight Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama met in Nashville, Tennessee to engage in a town hall style debate. What this meant is that rather than the two standing at podiums and dealing directly with the moderator, which in tonight’s debate was Tom Brokaw, they answered questions from the audience as well as some of the ones that were emailed in.

The more traditionally formatted debate generally allows the moderator a bit more control over how long the speakers get to talk. Tonight, Tom Brokaw spent a good portion of his moderating time reminding Obama and McCain that they only had one minute to talk. Though it should be noted that he didn’t do much to cut either of them off when they ran past their minute. The little lights on the floor which were meant to indicate when their time was up, weren’t much help either. There were even a couple of times when it seemed like the two were going to debate over which person abused the one-minute rule more but both remained mostly good natured.

The bulk of the debate on domestic policy centered on the economy, with McCain emphasizing a new plan that involves the government buying out bad mortgages and renegotiating them. Obama made mention of McCain favoring deregulation and letting the markets run wild. And back and forth it went.

McCain came across as the more optimistic, stressing his belief in America as well as the government and that all of the major issues, including healthcare, energy and social security can be dealt with in the near future. On that front, Obama was more reserved, believing that prioritizing is key to getting the country’s problems resolved. The two also shared differences on foreign policy, including issues with Russia and how to deal with Pakistan.

Did either candidate change anyone’s minds? Was there a clear-cut winner? Sound off in the comments section below!

Who Do You Think Won The Debate?

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