Michael Eisner is a guy that I can dually admire and loathe at the same time. While he saved Disney and made Walt Disney World what it is today, he also made colossal business errors in his final years at Disney like breaching Jeffrey Katzenberg’s contract and pissing off Steve Jobs and Pixar. I am not here to judge the man though. Hell, I’m writing this story in my pajamas! He ran Paramount’s movie division and ABC’s television studio and is responsible for such classics as Grease, Beverly Hills Cops, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and the man is very creative guy (albeit at his best before 1995) and who after leaving Disney, began a television show on CNBC called Conversations with Michael Eisner. I doubt many of you saw it. I caught it a few times and was surprised at how good of a job Eisner did with it. Eisner usually interviewed executives of entertainment companies and it was refreshing to have an interviewer who was actually competent enough to interview someone. I’m looking at you Larry King. Of course he also interviewed Kelly Ripa and Regis but to me, it was interviews with people like Barry Diller and Ted Turner that were the most fascinating.

According to VarietyEisner has decided to end his show in March 2009. Besides hosting the monthly Conversations, he also runs Vuguru, an internet production company that created the mildly well known internet show, Prom Queen. Hopefully, we will see more from Eisner because the man has been a success everywhere he went. Let’s just hope he’s learned some humility in the past few years away from the mouse house.

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