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Things didn't work out so well for ABC's attempt to reboot Charlie's Angels, but perhaps Minka Kelly will have more luck with the Fox drama in the works from J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot and J.H. Wyman. The Friday Night Lights star has signed on to co-star in the sci-fi buddy cop drama, which already has Michael Ealy on board to play an android. Kelly's character will presumably be human.

The currently untitled pilot, which previously went by the name Inhuman is set in the near future when all of the LAPD officers are paired with a "highly evolved human-like" android. As of late last month, Common Law's Michael Ealy was set to be playing the role of Dorian, one of the mentioned android police partners. Though his human partner John Kennex has yet to be cast, Deadline says Minka Kelly has joined the project. She'll play Valerie Stahl, "a uniformed cop with a strong moral compass who believes the best of people."

As there's no mention of her being an android, we'll assume, for now, that Kelly's character Valerie is human, and will presumably have an android partner of her own. They're certainly lining up some familiar (and pretty) faces for this project, which already has a lot going for it, between Abrams and Fringe's J.H. Wyman's involvement and the intriguing premise. Of course, it has a lot to compete with this pilot season. It could all come down to casting for the starring role. We'll have to wait and see who's brought on board to play Ealy's character's partner. In the meantime, for those who liked her in Friday Night Lights, Parenthood or the short-lived Charlie's Angels, Kelly's involvement is a great piece of casting news.