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As far the fall season is concerned, ABC knows that it has a lock on winning dramas, especially with Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday night lineup winning over both fans and critics. And as far as the summer schedule goes, the network is keeping at least one successful part of it around for another year, as the sudsy drama Mistresses has been renewed for Season 4, but one cast member won’t be returning.

Not only is Mistresses returning, but it’s coming back with more episodes than ever before! Well, okay, it’s just one more episode than ever before, as ABC ordered up 14 episodes for Season 4. There aren’t any major location changes for the production like there were after the show got renewed for Season 3, a move that caused Alyssa Milano to drop out of the show, but there will still be one regular cast member bowing out before next season, as Jennifer Esposito won’t be reprising her role of Calista Raines, as she’d only signed up for the show for one year.


Esposito, who was also on Blue Bloods and can soon be seen in The Affair (go figure), filled the void that Milano left with the new character Calista, the co-owner of a luxury fashion brand who loves living the high life. Of course, she held some pretty dark desires within. I mean, she did murder her husband and all, which is why she spent the end of the season inside a jail cell. In fact, the wacky ass finale, which featured a killer in the opposite sex’s clothing, saw Calista on the verge of hanging herself with a rope. But since we never saw it actually happen, there was the slightest chance that we’d see her again.

Here’s what showrunner Rina Mimoun recently told TV Line.
We would love to invite Jennifer back for as many episodes as she’s willing or able to do, but this was a one-year character for us – at the level she’s playing this year….But if we’re lucky enough to get a fourth season, we might just want to find a whole different woman to inject into our foursome.

So we can probably expect that to happen. But what about Joss, who we last saw in mortal peril? Or the pregnant Karen, who watched as her former co-lover Vivian died? Or April, who finally let Marc know that she wanted him?

While there is obviously no premiere date set yet for Season 4, and there presumably won’t be for quite a while, we can expect to find the drama-licious Mistresses returning to ABC at some point around June 2016. They’ll have to find another show to go with it, though, as Astronauts Wives Club got the ax earlier this year.

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