That Time She Didn’t Tell Anyone She Was Raped
If Gemma starting the series off as an imposing antagonist started her down the path to antiheroinism, Season 2’s first episode seemingly turned her into a victim. She spent the final minutes of “Albification” being raped by A.J. Weston, second-in-command of Ethan Zobelle’s merry band of racist entrepreneurs. The rape was meant to send a message to Clay and SAMCRO to stop dealing with non-white clubs and gangs, but the real message that viewers got was “Gemma is no one’s victim.” Though the brutal act leaves mental scars that even Gemma can’t completely smooth over, she does the complete opposite of what she was told in a twist on how television often handles abuse stories.

Gemma hides the rape from almost everyone in her life, for a while, but not because she’s shamed or in fear of a similar incident happening in her future. What she is afraid of is having Jax find out, because such painful knowledge would destroy him, not to mention incite him to bring a body-dropping war to Charming. Plus, it served as a big middle finger to Zobelle and Weston for their archaic and monstrous scare tactics. Of course, everyone eventually found out and a most deserved vengeance was observed, but for a while, Gemma’s love was stronger than her tragedy.


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