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Do you like staring at a tight-clothed Angelina Jolie kicking ridiculous amounts of butt? Yes, you do. And, if you do not, do you like staring at a tight-clothed Brad Pitt kicking similar amounts of butt? Probably. In any case, you’ve already seen this. It was in a movie, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ the action-adventure from 2005.

Well, according to REUTERS, ABC has decided to green light a one-hour pilot based on the successful movie. Unfortunately, Pitt and Jolie are not attached to the project. However, the writer is.

Simon Kinberg, the film’s writer, wrote the pilot and has expressed that the show will be about the marriage. The couple will have marital woes and apparently the drama/action/funny will stem from that. Kinberg has said that the pilot is set about six months after the timeline of the feature film.

ABC better not put too much hope in this show. Unless they actually get Pitt and Jolie (they will not) or make it incredibly funny (doubtful) ‘Mr & Mrs. Smith Goes TV’ will probably tank.

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