Ever-stern Carson cradles Baby Sybil and my heart melts.

Let's all just relish in this happy moment with Bates and Anna. Reel, Anna, reel!

Scandal be damned, Edith is not giving up her Mr. Rochester!

Regarding Mosely's "spirited" dance: "They do say there's a wild man in all of us." "If only he'd stay inside."

So the wild young Rose will grow up at Downton....I approve of this development.

Oh god, why is it taking so long for Mary to have this baby? They already killed Sybil, they can't kill Mary. Maybe the baby, but how many Crawley heirs can believably die during the course of this show?

"Hello, my dearest little chap. I wonder if he has any idea how much joy he brings with him." Downton is safe! Matthew and Mary are happy with their bundle of joy/baby heir. Guys, I think everything's going to be okay. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wait....what's happening.

No. No! NO!


Well, I do NOT approve of this development.

Talk amongst yourselves...I need to be alone.

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