Greg Garcia has had a lot of success since Y2K. After scoring a surprise hit with the blandly average CBS sitcom 'Yes Dear' and briefly working as a producer for 'Family Guy', Garcia struck comedy gold with the hilariously underrated 'My Name Is Earl' and was rewarded with a much deserved Emmy.

According to, he can add one more item to his growing resume: 'Fugly'. Little is known about this new Garcia vehicle except that it will center around three siblings(two twin sisters and a brother) who pool what little cash they have to buy one sister plastic surgery in hopes of launching her into a Hollywood movie career.

Tony winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur ('Stacked', Fever Pitch) has signed on to play one of the twin sisters. Winokur is probably best remembered as Kevin Spacey’s manager in American Beauty or as Drew Barrymore’s friend in Fever Pitch, unless you were one of the fifty people who watched her in the short lived Fox series 'Stacked'.

Garcia and the rest of his production team are now working on casting the other two leads and putting the finishing touches on the script for the pilot. With any luck, this could be airing by the end of 2007. Here’s to hoping this one turns out a little more like 'My Name Is Earl' and a little less like 'Yes Dear'.

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