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How does one go about killing a zombie? What should you do when accosted by hordes of the undead? If you are kept awake at night by questions like these, Mythbusters is looking for you. In nine seasons, the show has somehow not yet tackled zombies, and is now seeking 300 volunteers to help with a zombie-themed episode for the new season.

You have to be at least 18 years old and sign a release to join the guys in their goal of uncovering the myths behind zombie invasions. Oh, and the bad news is, you have to be one of the zombies, and not one of the cool people taking them out with a machete. But if being on Mythbusters and helping them to take on the undead is your idea of a good time, check out the show’s Twitter feed where you can get all the info and apply to become one of the lucky few who can say they were zombies in the name of science. And that they had Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage attempt to take them out with force. Well, ok, not everyone who has had that experience feels lucky, like the people who had a cannonball fired through their house. But we’re talking zombie attacks here – what could possibly go wrong?

The episode is expected to film towards the end of this month or early in February in the San Francisco area, so you will need to be local or willing to travel. And really, who wouldn’t travel for the chance to prove – or disprove – all those zombie myths to the world? It’s the kind of story you can tell your grandchildren.