Entertainment Weekly is teaming up with Hulu.com to give fans of some of NBC’s new and returning series a head start on the season premieres. There isn’t much information posted about this little pair-up just yet. This week’s issue had a blurb about it tucked away in the “Feedback” section (Page 8) and I found it posted in the same section on the magazine’s website. I wasn’t able to find any information on it at Hulu.com but here’s what EW mentioned:

“Sure, you could wait until their official premiere dates to watch new episodes of Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, and Life. But why would you do that when you can watch them a week ahead of time — for free! They'll be available for advance viewing at Hulu.com, which is partnering with EW.com to keep you in the loop about the new fall TV season.”

Neither the magazine nor the website mention exactly when the episodes will be made available or for how long they’ll be up. Lipstick Jungle and Knight Rider are set to air on NBC on Wednesday, September 24th. Chuck and Life’s season premieres are Monday, September 29th. So if we were to take the “week ahead of time” thing literally, Lipstick Jungle and Knight Rider would be available on Wednesday, September 17th and Chuck and Life’s season premieres would be up on September 22nd but who knows? It's possible that all four shows will show up on Hulu at some other date/time during the week prior to the network premieres. I expect EW will post more details about it later on in the month.

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