After his amazing opening number at The Oscars event he wasn't even hosting, I'm more excited than ever for Neil Patrick Harris' upcoming guest spot on FOX's musical smash Glee, as Zap2It reported. NPH is this generation's singer/dancer/comedian/actor ... something we haven't had since ... Gregory Hines maybe?

As much as I love How I Met Your Mother, and Harris' role as Barney Stinson is a huge reason why, it would almost be worth losing that show if we could get him on either Glee as a regular, or a similar show that showcases his wide array of talents.

Lucky for his fans, he's more than willing to sing and dance on side projects like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and its forthcoming sequel, as well as hosting duties on awards shows like the Tonys and the Emmys. Even, apparently, making appearances on shows he's not hosting, but let's face it, Harris was more natural and entertaining than either of the true hosts of the show; they were more awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Hopefully the role on Glee, which is cryptically described as a former rival of Mr. Schu (Matthew Morrison) who wants to take down the show choir -- sounds like Sue Sylvester's male doppelganger -- could be a recurring one. There are several actors who can juggle two shows at once, so why not let us have our NPH on HIMYM and sing out in Glee at the same time? Oh, and back hosting SNL and every awards show there is and maybe as a dead body on your CSIs of the world while he's at it.

And co-hosting his own variety show with Justin Timberlake. Actually, I have no idea if the two even know one another, but I can't think of two people more qualified to make the variety show format work in this day and age than JT and NPH.

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