Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is one of those comic book series that fans simultaneously anticipated and dreaded being turned into a movie. The mammoth series is so large it would be almost impossible to adapt faithfully to a movie, and yet some of the visuals and characters were so intense that readers couldn't wait to see how they could be adapted.

Gaiman himself had said he'd rather see no version of Sandman get made than a bad one, and now he may have figured out how to make that happen. THR reports that Warner Bros. TV is planning to adapt the graphic novel as a TV series, and is talking to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke about taking it on. At the moment Gaiman is not involved, but don't panic-- apparently they're planning to bring him on as soon as possible, and will rely on his cooperation to make the adaptation a success.

Though there's no telling how something as complicated and dark as Sandman will respond to the demands of serialized television, I like that Warner Bros. is thinking creatively with their rights to the DC catalog. There are plenty of comics titles that are much better suited to television than your usual tentpole superhero movie, and especially as supernatural and sci-fi content flourishes on the small screen, it seems like there's been no better time to bring some of those stories to life. The revered Sandman is an obvious first step, but I wonder if Warner Bros. TV is considering bringing back up some of the lesser DC titles beloved equally by fans. Any suggestions from you guys out there?

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