Among the new series that ABC added to their ’08 Fall schedule is a game show called Opportunity Knocks. Brought to you by the guys who created Beauty and the Geek, which includes Ashton Kutcher, this game show is literally going door to door looking for people to give prizes to. Seriously, they could be outside your house right now.

According to

“At this very moment, the Opportunity Knocks mobile team is on their way to Anytown, America with a truck full of mind-blowing prizes and gifts -- flat screen TVs, designer furniture and cold hard cash. Get to know your family better, because the opportunity of a lifetime could come knocking any second. And as soon as the host, JD Roth, shows up at your door, the game begins. So you better be ready to answer the tough questions, like what DVD is in your player? Who last loaded the dishwasher? What did Mom want to be when she grew up?”

The series is set to air on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Honestly, after Fox’s Moment of Truth, a game show that involved people admitting to their inner most secrets on television in an attempt to win cash, it’s kind of nice to see ABC going in the opposite direction with this new game show. The simplicity of it is what’s most appealing, I think. There’s just something funny about the idea of a camera crew and game show host showing up at people’s homes, asking them random questions and seeing if they can get over the shock of the whole thing enough to answer who last loaded the dishwasher.

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