One of the new series recently greenlit by The CW is Surviving The Filthy Rich. The hour long show will star JoAnna Garcia (Reba), who plays Megan Smith, a Yale who finds herself unemployed and takes a job as a live-in tutor for a couple of rich girls.

Here’s part of the description of the series that’s posted on The CW’s website.

“ Twenty-three-year-old Megan Smith (JoAnna Garcia, Reba) has a Yale education, a relentlessly positive attitude and a plan to conquer the world of journalism, despite the fact that she is currently slaving away at a tabloid rag. Megan’s plan is thrown off course when, in one whirlwind day, she gets fired, meets cosmetics mogul Laurel Limoges (casting TBD) and becomes the live-in tutor for Laurel’s twin teen granddaughters in the heady Palm Beach world of wealth and power. The girls, Rose (Lucy Kate Hale, Bionic Woman) and Sage (Ashley Newbrough, The Best Years), are beautiful, rebellious and less-than-thrilled with their new tutor, but Megan is determined to win them over as she enjoys the perks of her new job ─ breathtaking private suite, gorgeous convertible and live-in chef Marco (Allan Louis, Stomp the Yard).”

From the description, which if you read The CW’s website goes on to talk about a romantic quadrangle between Mega, the rich guy who lives next door, her estranged sister and her best friend Charlie, it sounds like this show is going to be a perfect fit to follow the new 90210 spinoff. It seems as though Megan’s a fish out of water amongst her rich employers and their neighbors, much like The Mills family.

I think, like the 90210 spinoff, this show will be worth taking a look at when it premieres. The premise sounds interesting enough, plus I always liked JoAnna Garcia in Reba.

Surviving the Filthy Rich will air on Tuesday nights at 9 pm, starting this fall.

To view the full CW Fall 2008 schedule, CLICK HERE.

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