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NBC is bringing us yet another food based show in the theme of Hell’s Kitchen, except this version is about the entire business, and not just the preparation. Beginning Summer 2009, the interesting new show, Chopping Block, will be airing during the “family hour” 8pm on Fridays.

Here is how NBC describes it:

“ CHOPPING BLOCK -- It’s time to sharpen your knives! It’s not just about the meal, it’s about the business of food. From the producers of “Hell’s Kitchen,” original rock-star chef Marco Pierre White comes to America to host the ultimate food fight on NBC -- a new reality competition set in the high-drama, high-stakes world of New York City restaurants. The cooks are given a grilling over the course of the series. The teams, which are made up of couples, will be tested in challenges that vary from having less than a week to design and revamp a restaurant space to planning a menu and creating a signature dish. The winning couple will get a chance to have their dreams come true -- opening their very own restaurant in Manhattan. The series is produced by Granada America.”

I admit it, and I am not ashamed - I am a Food Network addict. Cooking shows rock, and my husband says they are my porn. I sit transfixed before them, eager to make the meal they’ve presented. Now, I will probably want to start a restaurant…

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