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You might think now that Mythbusters is over that series host Adam Savage might just be kicking back and taking a break from the spotlight. However, Savage has always been a pretty good showman, and it makes sense that he would want to remain on-camera elsewhere. Unfortunately for TV fans, that elsewhere isn’t the Discovery Channel. Fortunately for those who have internet, however, you can watch Adam Savage build to his heart’s content over at Tested, but this gig hasn’t come without some cost. 

Tested has been around for quite some time. Both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are involved with the site, but Savage recently revealed to CNET that he’s been spending a lot of time on the website since his TV gig ended. The site also recently added Swedish builder Simone Giertz to the team and the two have built together in the time since. So, it’s looking like Savage is forming new partnerships as the time goes on. 

Still, while Savage has obviously found new projects to take in the weeks since Mythbusters finished airing on Discovery, his new life is not without challenges. The lengthy time Adam Savage spent on the Discovery series obviously impacted his life in a lot of ways and the experience can’t exactly be replaced or simulated.  
I have not existed in the last 14 years without Mythbusters. We filmed full-time since 2002. For instance, my wife has never known me not having the show. So, I’m finding a new life-work balance right now.

If you’d like to catch some of the stuff the creative mind has been working on since Mythbusters ended, do check out the weird, wacky video, below. 

We know, we know building strange machines may not have quite the charm as the myth-oriented series did, but it’s still pretty cool. Besides, if something like Tested isn’t your cup of tea, you can catch all of the reruns of Mythbusters that you could possibly ever want over on the Science Channel. Speaking of the new channel, Science has also found that reruns of Mythbusters have been incredibly valuable for the network. Because of this, that channel is launching Search For The Next Mythbusters, a reality series that will allow people to compete to be on a brand new version of Mythbusters, which Science also hopes to put together and air. 

We’ll let you know what ends up happening on the Science Channel front. In the meantime, you can see what Adam Savage has in the works whenever you feel like, thanks to the wonders of the internet.