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TV Guide seems to be treating this story as if Terry O'Quinn is trying to develop a genuine spin-off of Lost for his character John Locke and Michael Emerson's Benjamin Linus. However, it reads more like O'Quinn simply wants to work with his friend in a new series. The premise could actually work either way, interestingly enough.

The premise would have O'Quinn and Emerson as two suburban hit-men juggling their familly lives with their professional obligations. It would certainly be easy enough to believe that John and Ben could find themselves odd friends after the events of Lost. Granted, we have no idea who will survive which reality in Lost, and even if Locke will be Locke by then. So really it all depends on how Lindelof and Cuse wrap up their own story.

O'Quinn has already approached J.J. Abrams about the project, and Emerson seems into the idea as well. I'd be more inclined to see it as just their next star vehicle. O'Quinn sees it on TNT or a similar cable network, so he's thinking of something perhaps a little more intense than network TV can handle. I'm just thrilled at the thought of Emerson and O'Quinn together on a new project, as they've developed a fascinating chemistry these past few seasons.

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