The press conference that preceded this led to some great moments from the cast, and our 20-minute conversation with series co-creator Greg Daniels, but it was just a press conference. When everyone went next store to a packed (easily 4,000 fans) auditorium there was a distinct feeling of “finally.” As Creed, Mindy (Kelly), Angela, Kate (Meredith), Craig (Darryl), Ed (Andy), Phyllis, Brian (Kevin), Melora (Jan), Leslie (Stanley), Oscar, Andy Buckley (David Wallace, CFO) and Greg Daniels took the stage the crowd lost their collective minds. Ed Helms giving an authentic rendition of Andy singing answered shouts of “ra-dit-dit-ta-do!”

The event began with a showing of never before seen outtakes, of which cast and crew throughout the weekend assured us constantly there were plenty. Unfortunately a video of a local high school performing an original song, “Scranton Party,” followed the hilarious outtakes. The whole production of that video had the sad feeling of being too local. From my own experiences watching videos of my high school plays and concerts, I know all too well how out of place such a thing would be at an event like this.

This was what the fans showed up for, and the cast delivered in spades. If you had visited in the weeks preceding the event there was a form to ask questions, and this is where they were presented. Each member of the panel was asked a specific question about their character, and each one was warm and funny in their response. It’s quite striking what a funny and compassionate person Angela is, as her character is so severe. Or how genuine Craig is about who he is and what he brings to the table. When asked about whether there would be more to the Darryl/Kelly relationship he responded, “I hope so.” Then proceeded to kiss Mindy to raucous fan applause.

The Q & A was the reason fans shelled out the cash to come to this thing. The enthusiasm of the crowd was reciprocated in kind by the cast. It probably helped that this particular event was so well organized and set up. Jumbo screens were placed on stage so those who couldn’t see the cast clearly were able to at least watch them there. Aside from the Writers Block on Sunday afternoon, this was the event fans should not have missed.

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