Since the Office convention this weekend, I’ve had Office on the brain all week. Thursday can’t come fast enough, so I decided to scour Youtube looking for ways to satiate my craving for all things Dunder-Mifflin. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work and dedication of some fans of the series, I had no trouble finding what I was looking for.

Before we get to that though, here’s a video from the convention this weekend. It’s nice to see how the writers get their inspiration:

If you’re like me and waiting for this week’s episode of The Office, here’s a few fun fan videos from Youtube for your viewing pleasure:

Andy singing:

A tribute to Kelly:

The best of Creed – kind of long but full of Creed hilarity:

The best of Kevin – (made by the same person who did Creed’s video):

Toby’s best moments are when he’s battling Michael:

And since I just love Phyllis:

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