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Most of the joy that is attached to watching game shows comes from getting the answer before (or at the same time) as the contestants. Most. A good chunk of the remaining glee comes from watching people offer up the least informative answers that have ever been uttered by humankind. Such a ridiculous answer came during a Wheel of Fortune episode, and it pretty much balanced out every great answer ever delivered on this show. Check it out.

Now, it’s probably better that this video exists in a state where the person who guessed this answer was not seen. I am not one who thinks that a person needs to look a certain way in order to throw them under the bookmobile, and this isn’t an attempt to make fun of anyone. However, I would recognize that person for the rest of my life, and if I’d ever see her in public, I would be unable to squash the urge to scream “STARS IN THE NIGHT SKY” in her face at the most inopportune moment. Not that there are any opportune moments.

So, there are three different reasons why this was a bone-headed answer, and they don’t include the fact that “Start in the right way” isn’t a thing. First, there’s “Start,” because in order for that to be right, Vanna would have been hiding that second already-guessed T in that word. And then there’s “Way,” which would mean they were hiding the A, and also lying about "No More Vowels." That’s just illegal, I think. Vanna and the producers wouldn’t go to jail, but they’d get a stern finger-wagging from the Internet.

Third, the contestant is just clearly misreading “Night” as “Right,” and there’s no amount of magic or “T” negligence that could be done to the surrounding words that could save her from simply misreading a word. So many tsks. So little time.

Here are two answers that I would have said if I was just blatantly disregarding how Wheel of Fortune is supposed to be played.


Why wouldn’t it be one of America’s favorite video game systems for which E.T. games were created? That whole “A” thing? Whatever! What about this one?


Hey, ABC is owned by Disney, and that’s the network that plays Wheel of Fortune here. I don’t think that it’s below all the companies involved to sneak a Marvel reference into a category. Anyway. Let’s all be thankful we aren’t this bad at solving puzzles. And catch Wheel of Fortune every weeknight.