Who Created the Clones?
While shadowy conspiratorial businesses are usually a drag in thrillers, the Dyad Institute is fronted by Dr. Aldous Leekie, played with the perfect amount of campy evil by Matt Frewer, as the head of the pro-genetically-modified group called the Neolutionists. As Rachel’s boss, he obviously knows more about the clones than he’s letting on, and we know through Cosima and Delphine’s storyline that he is definitely keeping tabs on all of Maslany’s characters through personal monitors. And though Delphine started out as Cosima’s monitor, she is drawn to the good side (presumably) by love, and also by the reveal that Dyad has somehow encoded a patent into the clones DNA, making them owned property.

We have yet to see the endgame behind Leekie’s research, or how it was all accomplished. Our biggest hint into anyone’s actual origins is Helena and Sarah’s birth mom Amelia (Melanie Nicholls-King) arriving with an explanation that she was approached in London by two people posing as a couple in need of a surrogate mother. She accepted the deal for money, but eventually got suspicious and balked, having her children in secrecy and sending Sarah to a foster home, where she was taken in by Mrs. S. (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Helena to a church, where she was turned into a lunatic by Tomas (Daniel Kash) and his Prolethean cult. Before Amelia dies, having been stabbed by Helen, she tells Sarah that Mrs. S. is not who she says she is, and produces the picture below of two professors from Project LEDA. Did Leekie and his team really get a bunch of women pregnant all at the same time 28 years ago, with the sole purpose of observing them?


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