A great network TV game show.
Not new episodes of Fear Factor. I want a clever and interesting way for my fellow citizens to try and win money, and if the networks are smart, they’d wish for the same thing too. The first Survivor finale did more than fifty million. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? used to regularly bring in thirty million. Deal Or No Deal sucked, and that show even did almost fifteen million during its first season. People are willing to amass behind one good new network game show. It just needs to be on the schedule. - Mack Rawden

And also…

- For The Good Wife to follow through on its promise and get rid of Nick Savarese.

- For The Mentalist to tell us who the hell the real Red John is already.

- For the CW to find room in its schedule to bring Hart Of Dixie back.

- For Bones never to do another skull vision episode.

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