For Hannibal to be delicious, must-watch drama.
Besides a few tantalizing stills, we haven't seen much from Hannibal, however, the second NBC announced Bryan Fuller would be the one serving up the new take on Thomas Harris' iconic character I began salivating. Fuller's sensibilities are perfectly suited to bring the brilliant psychiatrist with an unusual appetite to the small screen and Mads Mikkelsen is an inspired choice to play him. The ensemble is equally impressive with Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne in leading roles, not to mention a slew of Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls and even Mockingbird Lane alum in support. And all I want for Hanukah is for Hannibal to be even half as tasty as it sounds. #EatTheRude. - Jesse Carp


- Sherlock Series 3 arrives before the year is out.

- For FX to keep expanding its great comedy lineup (Anger Management not included).

- For Tina Fey to join Parks and Recreation (it could happen!).

- That Mockingbird Lane gets a last minute revival!

- David Fincher’s House of Cards to be as good as its cast.

- Ditto for Ray Donovan.

- A Daily Show special that brings all the correspondents past (Colbert, Carell, Helms, Corddry, etc) and present (Jones, Bee, Oliver, Madrigal, etc) together. One can dream.

- An Emmy for Jon Hamm.

- Homeland to return to Season 1 glory.

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