To finally meet the mother!
For How I Met Your Mother to finally live up to the title and have Ted meet that woman with the yellow umbrella. It’s been a great ride and in its eighth season HIMYM is still funny, but it’s time for the show to step up and give us what we’ve been waiting for. Although no decision has been made as to Season 9 just yet, we think the introduction of the elusive mother is a must in the current season. There’s no reason a ninth season couldn’t happen even after the big meeting; something tells me her identity isn’t the last trick the show’s writers have up their sleeve. - Leslie Kasperowicz

- For Maggie Smith to stay on Downton Abbey and for Dan Stevens to change his mind and stay! And for Downton’s 4th season to premiere here early and not in 2014.

- Please, no more singing competitions!

- For Once Upon a Time to get back on track before I have to give up on it.

- For Arrested Development to live up to our ridiculously high expectations.

- For Game of Thrones to be as good as the creator’s expectations seem to indicate.

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