Say what you will about Sarah Palin (you probably wouldn’t be the first) but the woman is definitely ratings gold… at least, when it comes to Saturday Night Live. The numbers are in and from what’s been reported, Palin’s appearance on SNL drew the series best ratings in fourteen years.

While it was W star Josh Brolin’s night to host, the Vice President hopeful Palin is the one making headlines for last night’s SNL episode. She appeared a number of times throughout the episode, including the cold open (video below).

According to HR, the series, which averaged a 10.7 rating/24 share in the 56 metered markets hasn’t seen such high ratings since Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan hosted back in 1994. This puts SNL as the third highest rated episode that aired last week, beating out all but Dancing with the Stars and CSI.

The cold open for last night’s SNL is posted below. We’ve also got other video clips from the episode posted here. The one in which Amy Pohler raps is particularly funny, as is the clip featuring Mark Wahlberg, who threatens to throw down with Andy Samberg for his recent impersonation sketch in which he pokes fun at Wahlberg.

Palin in the cold open:

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