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It’s not often we cover commercials here over at TV Blend, but then again, it’s not often a single commercial can divide so many people. Lebron James, the self-anointed king and brand new member of the Miami Heat, just came out with a shiny new Nike commercial, and it is, well, it can represent a lot of different things based on your viewpoint. Slick, fast-paced and probably expensive, the new spot runs at more than a minute and a half and is chock-full of provacative statements and perhaps more importantly, a Don Johnson cameo.

I loved it upon first viewing, but the more I break it down, the more I think he might be throwing the middle finger up. Is he mocking us? Or is he desperately trying to win back our approval? Is he embracing this new villain role or is he poking fun at it because it hurts? Lebron James is a lot of things to a lot of different people, and this commercial sure as hell won’t bring either side together anytime soon. Watch it and let us know what your first reaction was in the poll below…

After watching the commercial, I now think Lebron James is...

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