From Richard Nixon’s memorable turn on Laugh-In to Sarah Palin’s mid-Vice Presidential campaign appearance on Saturday Night Live, politicians have a long history of appearing on television. In fact, just a few years ago, I saw George Bush interviewed on a retrospective about the United States’ miracle comeback at the 1999 Ryder Cup. Sure, it may seem like a foolish waste of time for the leader of the free world to appear on basic cable, seeing as how he has two ongoing military operations and an economy to fix, but we all need a little rest and relaxation now and again. If it happens to come in the form of good, clean public relations, well, that’s just good business.

According to The Wrap, President Barack Obama has taped a special guest appearance on MythBusters. In it, he asks the hosts, Jamie and Adam, to look into Archmides. Supposedly, the Greek scientist and apparent military genius, used mirrors and the sun’s rays to quite literally ignite an entire Roman Fleet. Frankly the whole thing has always sounded ludicrous to me, at least until I started watching Spartacus: Blood & Sand on Starz. Never underestimate the savage inhumanity of yesterday’s warlords.

The episode in question, “Archimedes Solar Ray”, will air on December 8th on Discovery. Don’t worry too much if you miss it. My guess is this will re-air a lot.

Update: According to a person who knows things, in this case my boss, and the Discovery Channel website, MythBusters already debunked this myth. Twice. Yeah, I had the same reaction. So, what's gone wrong over at the Discovery Channel? Well, I reckon either President Obama told Jamie and Adam this was the myth he wanted busted or there simply aren’t any unanswered scientific questions left out there. If so, well played, nerds.

Here’s a look at their original findings…

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