Soap Operas are fueled by deaths and subsequent resurrections of popular characters. Recently, on Days of Our Lives, main character John Black was killed, and not two months later is suddenly back on the show because of the outrage that broke out with his apparent death. But, those are Soap Operas, and you have to take into account that it is mostly “lonely housewives” who shovel bon-bons into their mouths watching this junk (think Peg Bundy).

Back to real television - I was overjoyed the other day to hear that Fox’s popular show Prison Break will get a full 22 episode season this fall. The Writer’s Strike put a cramp into the shows groove this year, and only 13 episodes aired. Season 3 was far too short, and there wasn’t a real season finale – both frustrating, and unsatisfying.

If you’ve been watching the show, I am sure you saw the part where Dr. Sarah was apparently decapitated. If you are a follower of entertainment news, you might know that this was more than partially because the real actress, Sarah Wayne Callies, and the producers could not come to a contract agreement. Well, hold on to your remotes, and strap yourselves down to the couch, because I’ve got some big news for you! Ausiello over at TV Guide has the whole scoop.

Dr. Sarah is, in fact, not dead. Lincoln only glanced into the box containing said cranium, and since he did not remove the head from the box, he was unable to confirm that the head belonged to the good doctor. Of course, the belief that it was Michael’s girlfriend’s head was the crux of the finale of season 3 – it gave Michael purpose – he now had to kill the person responsible for her death.

So, Prison Break has resorted to Soap Opera tactics. But what the hell, it makes for a good story, right?

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