Writers Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora previously helped shepherd the Prison Break fugitives through four years of arm-related law avoidance. For their next project, the pair are sticking with what they know. According to Variety, Fox has given a script order to Olmstead and Santora’s new crime drama Break Out Kings. On a related note: seriously, what does Hollywood have against hyphens? It’s Eight Legged Freaks all over again…

Break-Out Kings…excuse me, Break Out Kings…will be a procedural drama about a pack of ex-cons who become U.S. Marshalls. So it’s like The Fugitive, except Richard Kimble would have to chase himself. Wolverine director Gavin Hood will direct and exec produce, so let’s hope he makes a better pilot than he does a super-hero movie.

It’s hard to be excited about yet another cop show, but Olmstead, Santora, and the other Prison Break writers managed to make that show a guilty pleasure well beyond its sell-by date, so hopefully they’ll make something that can stand out amongst the sea of CSIs and Law & Orders.

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