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The networks seem to be taking their time in deciding which of their new shows will be picked up for a full season. Last week, The CW ordered a full season of Gossip Girl despite the fact that the ratings aren’t exactly through the roof. This week, it looks like ABC has decided to keep Private Practice around for a full season. There’s also good news for The Big Bang Theory and The Unit!

According to Kristin Dos Santos’ blog, this week’s episode of Private Practice received over 12 million viewers. As I was part of the smaller percentage of people who dropped Private Practice from their DVR “To Do” list, I have no idea what happened in the most recent episode, titled “In which Addison Has a Very Casual Get Together” but I’m guessing it involved a bunch of doctors acting like teenagers, oodles of banter dripping with sexual undertones and some kind of ridiculous medical emergency or baffling condition that the doctors had to solve. Fortunately for people who like the lather-rinse-repeat formula that Practice seems to rely on, ABC has secured the show a full season.

Fans of The Big Band Theory will also be pleased to learn that CBS has picked up the sitcom for a full season. The Eye has also decided to give The Unit a full third season.