Steven Seagal: Lawman always seems like a pretty crazy concept for a reality show-- tough-guy actor now a cop?-- but things got way, way dicier when Seagal was recently accused of hiring women as personal sex slaves. Regardless of whatever good work he was doing protecting the people of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, it was probably time for this double life to come to an end.

Presumably the sheriff's office that's been made famous by Steven Seagal: Lawman wasn't thrilled about putting the kibosh on the whole thing, but really, they had no choice. THR reports that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office have kicked out the show's production crew, putting an end to the TV shenanigans for now at least. They said they won't be investigating Seagal specifically-- the crimes he's accused of didn't take place in the parish-- but I'm betting the relationship is pretty strained at the moment anyway. Just as Rip Torn had to be killed off 30 Rock after he broke into a bank that he thought was his home, Steven Seagal's TV career needs to be put on hold for the moment as well. After all, after reading those accusations, would you want this guy stepping into your domestic disputes?

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