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It’s been almost three months since viewers last got a look at the batch of potential suspects at the heart of ABC’s Quantico, as the FBI drama brought its midseason finale to viewers all the way back on December 13. Thankfully, it will be back soon, and even more thankfully, there will be a lot more of it coming in the future, as ABC has given Quantico a Season 2 renewal.

It’s somewhat strange that the network is showing its biggest sign of confidence and approval at the tail end of Quantico’s months-long hiatus, and there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy that happened to boost ABC’s interest in keeping the show on the air. But perhaps it’s a more legitimate sign of ABC’s faith in the drama that they waited a while to make an informed decision rather than doing something more impulsive. We know the execs are quite happy with it.

After all, the first 11 episodes of Quantico’s first season have been largely successful for the network. The series premiered to over 7 million viewers back in September, and though the ratings have declined since, the midseason finale saw a solid uptick in viewership. It doesn’t help that it airs on Sunday, one of the busiest nights of the TV week, but Quantico has been huge where DVR numbers are concerned, as an average of well over 1.5 million more viewers are tuning in during the week after each episode’s initial airing.

Without getting into spoilers, Season 1 of Quantico kicked off soon after one of the biggest domestic terrorist attacks of all time, where FBI agent in training Alex Parrish is found and subsequently suspected of being involved. Through flashbacks and flashforwards, we then get to meet and follow the lives of Alex’s fellow FBI recruits, each with their own motivations and reasons to be suspected for the attack. Needless to say, things get way more complicated and potentially disastrous than that.

And it sounds like the rest of this initial season will be even more exciting, as showrunner Josh Safran told TVLine:
Much like Alex being on the run gave us a drive for the first half of the season, Alex is tasked into doing something that she’ll be forced to do for the rest of the season. And it is within that that the motor of the second half exists and is quite strong. It goes where you don’t expect.

That sounds like a winner, and I imagine viewers will be watching in droves. At least the ones who aren’t watching The Walking Dead and, next month, Game of Thrones. Sucks that we probably won’t get any definitive answers this season, but it’s hard to deny that getting more of a great show is a bad thing.

Quantico will finally return for the rest of Season 1 on Sunday, March 6. To see when the rest of the remaining premieres are coming, check out our midseason TV schedule.