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No one seems to know for sure whether Sam Raimi will do a Spider-Man 4, but if he doesn’t, he may already have his next project. The Book Standard says Raimi and his producing partner Joshua Donen have bought the rights to Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” fantasy series. They plan to develop the sword swinging epic into a miniseries for television.

Goodkind has already turned down several offers to make his books into a feature film, but Raimi’s idea for a miniseries struck a chord with him. Makes sense since he’s just released book ten in the franchise, and ten books might be a little hard to squeeze into one or two feature films.

Book ten is called “Phantom”, and it hit shelves just last week. An 11th is set for release in 2007. Book 9 sold has sold more than 235,00 copies. The series tells the story of a guy named Richard Cypher, a young man with some riddles about his past to uncover. As he learns, he develops untold power. Each book is themed around a specific “Wizard’s Rule”, the tenants by which wizards must abide.

Production on “Wizard’s First Rule”, the first book in the series, begins early next year.