4. Raylan vs. Boyd Crowder and Religion
Boyd Crowder is Raylan’s archenemy. He is the yin to Raylan’s yang and has been the main antagonist throughout the history of Justified. In another lifetime and a different sort of show, Boyd would be Raylan’s best friend. In this sort of show, he’s saved Raylan’s life and threatened Raylan’s life, always seemingly involved, somehow, in whatever criminal schemes bring the U.S. Marshal to Harlan.

During Season 1, however, this relationship was still fermenting, compounded by the fact that Boyd was on a religious train--an angle Raylan neither believed in nor appreciated. That angle helped to fuel the fire of antagonism between the two men, until an unexpected moment when they agreed to join together to defeat a common enemy. You can call it collusion or you could just call it survival of the smartest. Maybe you could even call it the desire to protect the same woman, as Ava happened to be involved. Whatever you call it, the end of Season 1 has left us with a relationship between the two men that must be confusing to navigate, but is a hell of a lot of fun to watch play out onscreen.

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