No one really knows what's going on with the final season of Lost, maybe even more so than with previous seasons. Did they reset time so that Oceanic 815 never crashed? Will anyone be on the island at all? Will dead people like Boone and Charlie come back in an alternate timeline?

While we still don't know the plot, of course, the answer to that final quesiton seems to be yes. On his Twitter account, Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse just wrote the following:

We are very happy to welcome Rebecca Mader back to LOST. Just saw some dailies of her new work. Awesome.

Mader, you'll remember, played Charlotte, the redheaded love interest of Daniel Faraday who perished last season when the island came unhooked from time, most likely because she had spent the most time on the island, having been raised there as a child. Given that the love story between Charlotte and Faraday was never really resolved, maybe her return-- in whatever form-- will give us a chance to see them happy together for once. Or maybe they're bringing her back just to blow her up on a freighter (sorry, Michael). You never know with Lost, though I now feel more certain than ever that a reset has happened, and we'll be seeing a lot of other familiar faces as well.

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