Just a month after their 20th anniversary spectacular, Live with Regis and Kelly is back in the news. The morning chatfest, which I am not embarrassed to say that I love, is going where no live broadcast has gone before: to the 3rd dimension. This year Live with Regis and Kelly will be broadcasting its Halloween episode in 3-D.

Reege and Pipa always have huge Halloween shows in which they dress up in elaborate costumes. Most notably, and creepily, they’ve dressed up as each other more than once. Now, for they’re 20th season, they’re upping the ante. The hosts are still dressing in their signature wacky costumes, but this year it’s going to feel like they’re right in your living room with you. The show is coming from inside the house!

Viewers who want to feel like they can reach out and touch the twosome can stop by any Walgreens photo counter and pick up a pair of 3-D glasses. As a complete dork, I’m super-psyched about this idea—or at least I was until I heard that they were partnering with Walgreens. I live in New York (where, incidentally, the show is taped) and I’ve never seen a Walgreens. I’ve got three Duane Reades within two blocks of my office, but I can’t think of a single Walgreens anywhere. And, yes, I know how silly it is to complain about possibly not seeing Regis and Kelly in 3-D when I could theoretically go get tickets and see them live any day of the week, but whatever. I like novelty!

More info about the Halloween episode, including an address where you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope and get a free pair of 3-D glasses, can be found on Live’s website.

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