Kelly's Pick: Grimm
It took Grimm a little while to hit its stride, in terms of its format, eventually managing to find a balance between detective procedural and serialized drama with a supernatural twist. While much of the momentum of the series relies on extended arcs that span the length of the season — in Season 2, a lot of that had to do with Juliet’s amnesia — the driving force of the series is in the episode-to-episode challenges, often related to a monster-of-the-week connected to a crime in Portland that Nick and his partner Hank are tasked to solve. It’s often those episode-long arcs that bring the ensemble together, and it’s the ensemble that makes this series tick.

We could argue that Grimm follows a very similar to format to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in that there’s the chosen one — or a chosen one anyway, Nick’s not the only Grimm out there, after all — and his group of friends, some of whom have supernatural abilities and each of whom brings something to the table. And there are big bads lurking around every corner, some bigger and badder than others. The whodunnit mystery of the week steps outside the box, due to the supernatural nature of some of the criminals. This is a show with bite, literally. Anything goes, which elevates Grimm above other procedurals and keeps us on the edge of our seats in the process.

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